Wendy Teakel

Cycle, 2019

Sheep fleece, rusted wire, steel
600 x 400 x 80cm

Wendy Teakel | Cycle

Image: Keith Maxwell

A sense of location, the phenomena of seasonal changes and management of environments are the ordinary things at the root of my practice. Central to these are the concepts of impermanence and inter-connection as I survey relationships between land use, land types and the effect on and by stakeholders within fragile and threatened environments, particularly rural ones. 

My work is positioned in the broad parameters of Arte Povera and environmental art, and explores an awareness of self in place as an existential insider according to the ideas of Edward Relph. Cycle is less of an object in place than a place displaced and re-positioned at Scenic World. 

Formed from rusted steel and white sheep fleece, the work materially stands as a reminder of our agricultural heritage and its place in shaping contemporary Australia. It draws visual inspiration from fences, boundaries and systems of ownership while its elliptical form implies the endless round that defines rural life within daily, generational and climatic phases. The purpose of this work is to draw attention to the fragility of tenure we have within our places.

Wendy Teakel