The Laws of Nature, 2016

MEDIUM Synthetic paper and wire


Capitalism is a way of life, which the individual is forced to accept. Even if we try to escape it by living a self-sufficient lifestyle, being part of western society means that the concepts of capitalism form a part of our thinking. It is an ideology that is greater than the individual’s will.

I have, through my sculpture, sought to create a moment of self-reflection. I challenge the viewer to experience an emotional or intellectual reaction to seeing a resource we sacrifice time for, value highly, worry about and fight over, blow away.

The rainforest provides a vital contrast to our man-made systems. When we go into the natural environment this contrast is accentuated.

Our perception of the world becomes our reality and this affects how we experience the world. This sculpture offers the viewer a moment of reflection, time to consider their personal connection to commodities and money.