Below Above, 2014

MEDIUM stainless steel, mirror perspex and aluminium
DIMENSIONS 2000 x 2000 x 40cm

Below Above (2014) connects the viewer with natures space, the sky and the Universe. This work looks skyward bringing the sky and the upper canopy of the trees into view. The multiple images collected on the mirror surfaces are distorted, disconnected but yet the same. This sculpture explores the nature of space using the properties of light and time. Through the phenomenological apprehension of perception that is focused within the present moment, the viewer connects with their perceptions and the moment. A sense of play emanates through the multiple convex and concave circular mirrors that reflect and distort. Space is ultimately shaped to capture the impulse of nature and the viewer, through subversion and obversion. The viewer participant is invited to question, to play, and to become part of the process of making the work itself. This manipulates the viewer into a specific relation with both space and time.
A narrative is created via an elongation of their moment in time. The shiny mirror through its reflection, the present moment and the returned gaze, becomes sublime.

The artwork consists of 31 convex circular mirrors arranged in proximity to each other on the ground. This work is influenced by the amusement distortion mirrors found at fairgrounds in the 1960’s and my research with astronomy.