The Golden Shopping Trolley, 2016

Winner: Highly Commended, 2016

MEDIUM Shopping trollies
DIMENSIONS 135x15x135cm each

The Golden Shopping Trolley is a sculptural intervention that operates on two distinct and interrelated levels to explore the structure of consumption and purchase.

The first aspect relates to the actual production of the piece itself. The process of formation relies upon post-industrial techniques to extend the object beyond its intended ontological function. In doing so, the resulting skeletal form reveals an axiomatic component of contemporary consumptive practices. Mounted as if within a natural history museum, the suspended structure operates both as a trophy of its taxa as well as an exemplar of underlying structural configurations of the natural world.

The second aspect relates to the narratives that surround the normative contexts of the object itself. The act of shopping in a supermarket is founded upon reductive superstructures of socio-political narratives that construct, and contain, personal and community identities in very specific manners. Evoking the illusion of value, the sculpture mimics the process of individuation, and suggests that the reflective moment of consumption is, like the narrative of shopping, ultimately destined to fail.