…We stood as tall as we could, 2014

MEDIUM plexiglass and wool
DIMENSIONS 85 x 20 x 100cm

My artwork for Sculpture at Scenic World 2015, is a site-specific art installation, created from plexiglass, yarn and acrylic stuffing.

Reflecting in part its surroundings by relating to the environment, the botanical installation will consist of ten knitted bonsai encased in perspex boxes. This ideal of classical beauty
and grace is seen in a contemporary context through our pursuit of perfection. Reflected in the choice of materials and composition, this piece speaks of a desire to reach beyond
our own worlds and limitations – the contorted bonsai representing a manifestation of our frustrations.

Is it possible to retain a zen-like perspective of our world?

Our relationship with our environment, in a natural and artificial sense, will have to be negotiated if this is to remain true. These pieces are part of an ongoing series that I’ve been creating – soft sculptures which recall a loss and hope within their suspended present. Seen from a child’s perspective this artwork is entitled, …We stood as tall as we could.