Alicanto, 2015

Winner: Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exhibiting Opportunity, 2016

MEDIUM Welded steel and found objects
DIMENSIONS 113x67x29cm


Our sculptures of familiar domestic animal figures constructed from steel and salvaged objects explore animal- human relationships, often referencing states of mind or emotional conditions.
This new work, ALICANTO takes its inspiration from a bird in Chilean mythology that inhabits small caves in mineral bearing hills and feeds upon gold and silver. A fortunate miner, following the bird undetected, will find silver or gold. But, if alerted, the Alicanto will guide the greedy miner into a precipice and certain death.

Our hybrid is an allegory of human yearning for “GROWTH”, ever rising wealth, what Dr. Seuss described as “ biggering and biggering”, and also the perils and risks associated with achieving and maintaining our rising living standards.

The form of the figure is rendered as a steel grid, referencing contemporary digital interpretations of the built and natural worlds that have become commonplace these days. Computer technology allows us to explore beneath the surface of humans and mountains. The figure itself has more than a passing resemblance to a fallen angel.