The Conference of the Three Horsemen, 2014

MEDIUM plaster and wood
DIMENSIONS 40 x 40 x 90cm, multiple

This work has its genesis in a visit to Kosciusko’s National Park to view the brumbies of the area. These wild, majestic creatures, festooned with twigs and scarred up from a life led in the wilderness, have a precarious existence. Strong family units can be torn apart and traumatised from the appalling killing that takes place periodically. New information coming to light in all brumby areas (including the Blue Mountains) are that cattle, the other heavy-hoofed mammals, are allowed to roam and damage waterways and foliage, yet be increased in number without restriction.

I am interested in mythology, especially the Egyptian man/animal hybrid gods. These horse men also conjure up notions of the Aboriginal spirit or totem animal that lies within us all. The horse, introduced to this country, has nonetheless become closely linked spiritually with both white and black Australians. Parallels can be drawn to white invasion and the subsequent introduction of beautiful and destructive elements to Australia. This series of works are created on recycled stumps of wood, and rise up out of the ground, fossilised a stark white. Their names are Hamlet, Horatio and Henry V.