Terms of Trade (farmgate), 2015

MEDIUM recycled polyethylene, upvc polypipe, acrylic paint, stainless steel bolts and steel wire
DIMENSIONS 4 pieces: 150 x 25 x 150cm; 1 piece: 220 x 20 x 240cm

In contemplating the rainforest’s rarefied atmosphere my work references Asian landscape traditions illustrated as a 3D re-exploration of compressed space through a
contemporary geopolitical lens. The normally flattened perspective and script is animated within a living depth of field, further to the ‘6 principles’ such as: ‘spirit resonance’ of
engagement; the ‘bone method’ regarding the calligraphic personality; and ‘transmission by copying’ models from life or antiquity. Kinetic movement enables a reflective re-reading
while hovering in the natural moss garden.

Monochrome characters intersect (kanji and katakana) in a cross-cultural barter, a colloquial ‘Pax é Punch’ take on the dilemma of ‘selling the farm’, of unsustainable resource consumption and lifestyle demands. In a caveat venditor test of character references we read ‘buy the black sheep, the car and the village’ with a wry smile of colonial picturesque meta-fiscal concerns.