Naked Light, 2014

MEDIUM Plywood, titanium, zircon thread and stainless steel
DIMENSIONS 120x100x520cm


I am captivated by images from space, their colour and otherworldly architecture arouse curiosity and wonder that reaches beyond imagination.

This sculpture is an interpretation of a quasi-stellar object called a ‘quasar’. It is one of the brightest celestial bodies, possessing both architectural and sculptural form, a hybrid known as ‘archisculpture’. It acts as destroyer and creator. At its centre is a swirling accretion disc that destroys all matter within its reach, creating the energy of a hundred billion stars, emitting beams of coloured rays that span millions of light years. Quasars destroy old worlds, activating the birth of new ones, implying a destruction that leads to renewal (a creative destruction).

The solar system may have had its beginnings within the furnace of a quasar. Similar cycles also occur on Earth. Earthquakes, bushfires, sun, wind, water and gravity relentlessly reshape renew and evolve the environment.