Rochelle Quantock

Choking Hazard, 2018

Plastic blocks
Dimensions variable

Rochelle Quantock

Image: Keith Maxwell

Choking Hazard is a site specific installation exploring important issues surrounding sustainability and landfill. The colourful blocks represent the millions of tonnes of one-use plastics that are carelessly discarded globally every year. The plastic blocks rise from the ground and wind around the tree like a monstrous parasitic vine threatening to choke its’ host to death; reminding the viewer that we cannot continue to ignore the issues of landfill and overconsumption and expect to reap the same benefits from the environment that we have in the past. Something’s gotta give!

The use of brightly coloured toy bricks lends a sense of playfulness to this very serious issue.

Visually, the geometric shapes and vivid colour of the bricks jars against the organic shapes and natural tones of its surroundings; heightening the clash between nature and man-made plastics.

Informed by the environmental works of Alison McDonald and Aurora Robson, Choking Hazard is made from re-usable plastics that have been used in the creation of a multitude of art installations. This artwork practices what it preaches by embracing a sustainable art paradigm.