Ro Murray

#keepitintheground, 2019

Acylic house paint on plywood
Dimensions variable

Ro Murray | #keepitintheground

Image: Keith Maxwell

Early last year I began creating a rectilinear series related to the geometry of an A4 size lino block. The work developed from lino printing onto my dead filed architectural negatives, through a progression of A-size tracing paper, and a variety of papers. The work became larger, stretching onto the wall and floor, with constructed assemblages of painted plywood rectangles in the same restricted palette of black and red. 

These works with hashtag titles #liddell, #yallourn, #hazelwood, #adani are names of power stations and coal mines, as a symbol for danger signs. They are posted on social media as a protest. Most people in Australia agree climate change is a global issue which needs to be addressed. However undisclosed political donations are influencing government policy, continuing to grant new coal mining leases and maintain existing coal fired power stations rather than change to green energy.