Ro Murray & Mandy Burgess

homesweethome, 2016

acrylic on canvas, wooden frame

Ro Murray & Mandy Burgess

Image: Keith Maxwell

The black house is like a stealth bomber, a silent harbinger of the destruction of the natural world. What place does the natural world have on our urbanised planet now that nature needs to fenced off for its protection?

homesweethome seeks to provoke viewers to think about the question of home and homelessness in the turbulence of the modern world with its priorities of profit over sustainability. The archetypal shape of a European house in the middle of a rainforest is also a one-room colonialist’s hut, a reminder of our history. Notions of home are bound by cultural influences. How these interact with the natural world creates our particular human environments where nature almost becomes a garden that must be tended.