Paul Greedy

Pulse, 2018

Wood, steel, DC motors, custom electronics, 12V power supply
Dimensions variable

  • Highly Commended – 2018 Exhibition
Paul Greedy

Image: Keith Maxwell

Inspired by the immersive modes of listening we experience in natural environments from the collective calls of cicadas, frogs, or birds for instance, Pulse explores the spatial and acoustic dynamics of the forest through the use of intermittent directional sounds. A series of sonic objects are situated around the site at varying distances from the forest walkway. These objects are designed to produce acoustic pulses of sound that resemble the calls of striped marsh frogs commonly heard in the backyards of eastern Australia. Directional in nature, these sounds are propagated by the surrounding environment reflecting off the surfaces of various forms, such as bodies, trees, and rock formations. The layered pulses projected from multiple positions in space, shaped by the structures of the forest and their physical relationship to the listener, form patterns and rhythms that shift as listeners navigate their way along the path.