Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Lost Fossil, 2017

Queen Palm seed cases
130 x 130 x 400cm  

  • Highly Commended – 2018 Exhibition
Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Image: Keith Maxwell

Lost Fossil symbolises the ancient and powerful resilience of the Blue Mountains. Within these vast forests are home to extremely old species of global significance. This piece is an expression and celebration of those complex forms that we find replicated throughout nature and across time. While its cocoon and flower-like form is familiar to us, Lost Fossil also holds a deep mystery as to its origins. It could indeed be a lost ‘living fossil’ that has remained hidden since the mountains formed millions of years ago.

This organic sculpture speaks of a time long gone, to those magical and mystical forms of ancient flora and fauna. Its charred outer shell furthers our curiosity of its current state. Has its form been permanently fossilised or is it about to open up and reveal new secrets to the forest?