Nick Warfield

Calling upon the Owl, 2017

Aluminium RHS framework, salvaged plastic automotive bumper bars
175 x 170 x 100cm

Nick Warfield
  • $2,000 Scenic World Staff Choice Award
Nick Warfield

Image: Keith Maxwell

Finding stillness in an accelerating world compels us into wild places. 
This instinct to seek out wilderness is a yearning for guidance, a yearning for simple natural order & pace.
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu
Encountering the gaze of an owl’s eye will stop anyone dead in their track.
There is comfort in it but it is also simultaneously confronting.
It says “ I’ve got my eye on you “ whilst also saying “ but what is your place here in this forest?”

Are we passive observers detrimental to its survival or are we deeply and inherently connected to this wilderness?

The use of salvaged car bumper bars to construct this sculpture has within it a larger metaphor.

The car parts are a symbol of the slick out of control speed of modernity.  However each of the bumper bars used in the sculpture has been involved in a prang or crash.  A moment when this symbol of speed has slammed on the brakes and come to a grinding holt.