Pheno, 2015

MEDIUM aluminium
DIMENSIONS 100 x 50 x 100cm (14 pieces)

Pheno is a new site specific work that is the distillation of observations and experiences from nature. The work is a response to changes that are observed caused by the natural fluctuations in light levels over the course of a day.

The aluminium sculptural pieces are an amalgam of gesture and form. They are the culmination of drawings made and a mechanism for making apparent the process of perception.

The individual elements are cut from the same blueprint and then bent and twisted into unique pieces. The reflective nature of the aluminium accentuates the changes that are caused by the movement of light. Shadows and colours waver as the intensity of light shifts. The transitions that take place may be subtle or dramatic. These movements impact on how we perceive shapes and forms.

Located in the forest, the work is contingent on the vagaries of light and the movement of the foliage caused by breezy winds, mist and rain.
The temporal nature of the work and the changes that are sensed are the mechanisms by which we perceive. The memories of this define our experience.