Man-o-morphosis, 2015

MEDIUM fibreglass and silicon
DIMENSIONS 120 x 140 x 218cm

Many creatures, like the tiny caterpillar of the Case Moth, use materials available to them such as pieces of leaf and twigs to build their homes and protective coverings. When the caterpillar has transformed into a flying moth, the biodegradable casing is left behind to decay, continuing its role within nature’s cycle.

In contrast, “civilized” man decimates nature, during the process, and as a result of, building his pretentious dwellings and cities. I smile to myself, when I wonder how different this world would be, if humans showed the same level of intelligence as the caterpillar; living simply, in harmony with, and showing a reverence for, all other forms of life. I believe it would require a metamorphosis of mankind’s inherent attitudes.