Nadia Odlum

As the world moves I move the world, 2019

Steel, adhesive vinyl
Dimensions variable

Nadia Odlum | As the world moves I move the world

Image: Keith Maxwell

Tall vertical pieces of mirror-polished stainless steel stand in a row. Each piece is angled at 90 degrees to its neighbour, creating a fan like progression of distorted reflections and counter-reflections. Bright orange lines zig-zag along the face of the panels.

The reflective nature of the steel will mean that, from a distance, the orange lines will seem to float within the forest. Upon closer examination, the angled reflections of the mirrored pieces provide a further level of bafflement. Audiences will have to move back and forth, deploying their bodies to unpack the visual and spatial illusions.

Artworks that contain a perceptual illusion inherently bring subjectivity to the foreground – they lead each audience member to recognise that they see the world from a particular point of view, with perceptual faculties that are capable of being tricked and disrupted. Simultaneously, they can also recognise this potential in others. When viewing a perceptually challenging work alongside other audience members, these realisations can be shared, and through this, empathy and understanding of the possibility of multiple perspectives on the world is built.