Mitchell Thomas &
Bronwen Williams

The Odds of Egress, 2019

Sound, media, galvanised steel, sheet metal
Dimensions variable

Mitchell Thomas & Browen Williams | The Odds of Egress

Image: Keith Maxwell

The Odds of Egress examines the happenstance and unpredictable moments that occur in our existence and poses the question, ‘what are the chances?’ to the audience. Contributing to the serendipitous experiences that viewers encounter along the boardwalk, the work uses the intangible materials of sound and ultrasonic pulses to create a sounding egress. Positioned among the rainforest is a directional speaker cone pointing arrestingly towards the boardwalk. From a distance, the object appears to be static, however as the viewer approaches and walks into its line of sight, they become privy to the secluded message within which asks, ‘what are the chances?’. The question is transformed through a variety of non-verbal signal transmissions audible to only those in its path. The Odds of Egress seeks to create a moment that questions chance as the audience becomes a listener and participant in the temporal sonic artwork.