Miguel Valenzuela & Francois Limondin

La Subida Rhizome (The Rise Rhizome), 2017

Steel geosynthetic membranes
300 x 300 x 300cm

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La Subida Rhizome is a representation of the beauty and richness of the elements that make up soil and what is beneath it, that which we do not see, but know exists. We see beauty in the minerals and rocks extracted from the earth, we rely on the richness of the soil for existence. The work utilises steel and geosynthetic membranes,  materials originating from the minerals extracted from the depths of the earth. A series of assembled prism like structures are covered by colourful membranes representing the colours of the elements on the periodic table as a reminder of the complex and often fraught relationship we are in with the earth we rely on for food and air.