Fools Vessels: Balance, 2015

MEDIUM recycled wire
DIMENSIONS 500 x 60 x 50cm

The basis for the Fools Vessels works is rooted in the Ship of Fools allegory that traces back to Plato. The allegory references a captainless vessel that floats around without direction or purpose. On board the passengers are oblivious to their lack of direction and seemingly ignorant of their potential fate. This poignant narrative is often used as an illustrative metaphor for mans’ lack of action and direction in regard to climate change.

The Fools Vessel is therefore intended as a point of reference to humanity. In this work, Fools Vessel: Balance the vessel form is counterbalanced against various natural elements. The work exists while the equilibrium is maintained. If the balance is lost the vessel falls to earth.

While the form of the work and its installation are indicative of the conceptual intent for the piece, the material too is imbued with a sense of climatic history. The work is woven from reclaimed agricultural fencing wire. This material came from farmers in western Victoria whose fences had been destroyed by a once in two hundred year flood event on the Wimmera River in 2011.