Remnants (Catchment II series), 2016

Dimensions variable

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Remnants are a grouping of ceramic drums and buckets assembled together in the landscape. Their function to collect and store water is negated by the holes that are eroding away at their original purpose. As sculptures, they are in a meeting place as though in quiet contemplation and inviting the audience to consider the changing ways of collecting, the monumental story of climate and change, and of the dire necessity for us to take more notice. Inspired by old water tanks and buckets, often with rusted metal and distorted shapes and lying discarded in a farm gully or machinery yard, Remnants are a reminder of the impermanence of material. They are mnemonic devices, placed here on the valley floor and under the canopy of the trees to intervene in the landscape, suggesting the way that old discarded drums from previous usage leave their mark.  As a material, clay can mimic a metal surface, poetically exploring textures, surface and the marks of time.