My girls up the duff, 2015

Stainless steel, cast pewter and black paint
120 x 120 x 270cm

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My girls up the duff was originally inspired by my pregnant wife Tilla as she displayed beautiful elegance in movement whilst being wonderfully bulbous. This work tries to explain the dynamism and reinvention evident during pregnancy, spliced together intimately embracing one another as my daughter materialized inside. The extruded shapes have a single entry and ending, the two co inhabiting the same field.  The pewter cast bubble wrap and cardboard symbolises the threshold of one thing to the next, the coming and going, the unwrapping and moving on. Welcome to my baby girl. Metamorphosis is also a constant in the rainforest, a narrative of old and new, now and not yet, death and re-birth, a box half opened, a gift waiting inside. Although humans are intrinsically organic, our interaction with the world today is mostly synthetic. Ready-made objects are a true part of our urban ecosystem. Aesthetically this work owes much to modernist structures. Historically modernism used simple and massive forms to strip everything down to its essential quality. ‘Although the aesthetic of some of my work is familiar, I fuel it with story, something that conflicts with the sensibility of modernism, a fresh tweak to an old theme.’