Mysterious Threshold, 2015

MEDIUM timber and steel
DIMENSIONS 5 bundles of 50 x 50 x 150cm

Naturally formed caves suggest that these places were well inhabited over millennia…. Swimming holes, charcoal deposits and ochre hollows with implements used in ceremonies describe how life was colourful and vibrant here on the Katoomba hillsides.

It is these cultural artefacts scattered throughout these forested valleys that inspires Mysterious Threshold in Sculpture at Scenic World 2015.

I propose that the intentional discovery or use of fire by humans may well have occurred, first ever on earth, in these very hills of Katoomba. We can only imagine. Was this indeed, the place where humans first became warmed by their own conscious effort to strike flame? Where they first spent hours gazing into a camp fire, becoming self contained, even becoming self aware? For it is through thresholds such as these that our species has evolved, becoming this sentient being of today.

We must also acknowledge that there are further spheres of energy yet unmanifest to our five human senses, and today our species is yet to know just how intertwined with further energy forms we all exist… As we court the digital realm of invisible and instantaneous communications we can only imagine what further thresholds of energy transfiguration abound – right within our midst…