Liz Shreeve

Fragile Resilience, 2018

Torn and curled rag paper on constructed rag paper forms.
Dimensions variable

Liz Shreeve | Fragile Resilience

Image: Keith Maxwell

The warm temperate rainforest of the Blue Mountains National Park is an incredibly important resource valued for its unique biodiversity and healthy functioning of soil and water cycles, as well as cultural and aesthetic considerations. Forests are naturally resilient and will bounce back after disturbance such as fire, drought or insect infestation. But the pressure of man’s actions can disturb and destroy this balance.

These white forms represent the fruiting bodies of fungi that help to break down the leaf litter and recycle the nutrients in the soil. They reflect the beauty of living things and represent the fragility of the forest. 

The forms are hollow balls constructed from paper.  In the natural environment they are incredibly robust, surviving intact in torrential rain and high winds, but man’s actions can easily destroy them. It’s a choice.