Listen II – remains, 2014

MEDIUM cast ciment fondu, fibre glass and polystyrene

Lang Ea is a multi-media New Zealand artist whose artworks are exhibited and collected locally and internationally. The works are a compilation of emotionally complex narratives,
fuelled by personal experience of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime, interwoven with the lingering resonances of historical trauma. The burden of history and memory combine to enhance her vision, making the works subtle, fresh and original. Her works offer perceptive disclosure, inviting contemplation. She questions and explores the personal yet universal challenges of war.
Lang’s most recent (site-specific)large scale installations create multi-layered relationships between site and allegory that imagine our world at the end of the human race and its aftermath.

An image becomes mysterious and fleeting in her imagination, compelling her to create complex metaphors with contradictions of real and imagined places. Listen II – remains (2015), takes a darker tone, reflecting human endurance to war and how society ignores the cries for help. Listening to one another is not only essential, it is imperative to any peaceful outcome.

In 1979, Lang’s family fled Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge, spending three years in various Thailand refugee camps before emigrating to New Zealand in 1982.