Post Colonial Colony, 2014

MEDIUM flyscreen, fishing line, wire and clamps
DIMENSIONS 15 x 15 x 40cm, multiple

‘laid bare’, the collaborative duo of Linelle Stepto and Catherine Lane, explores broad notions of colonisation and its impact on our cultural heritage. Post Colonial Colony is a sculptural exploration of the relationship between man and his environment.

Traditionally, a colony is a social space; an environment of nurturing and belonging that connects the inhabitants that are included, but may infer condemnation of the excluded, the “other”.

The bats are constructed in flyscreen, a material used to separate us from nature, to filter the outside world. Their transparent ghost-like forms are a reference to the passing of many native species due to environmental pressures that are a result of that disconnection from the natural world & an undermining of the process of inclusion in our contemporary culture.