Re-title; in the depth of the forest, 2015

Stainless steel and granite
100 x 80 x 250cm

Koichi Ishino

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My work was made for the seaside, where the wind is blowing around the
stone.  I felt a gentle wind from the sea. The atmosphere gives me a
clear idea, which is connected with bright light, air, the sea sound,
and the smell of the ocean.  I love the atmosphere of evening
twilight,  it is the sign of the universe. I believe, all of the
things surrounding me are clear.

It would change my imagination if this work is sitting in the depth of
the forest. Perhaps, we can find a sacred place or a  mystical
atmosphere. I believe the gods are living in everything and
everywhere, trees, plants and rocks, that is the Japanese religion
called SHINTO. The sculpture looks like a big plant in the forest, the
fairies, the dwarves and the elves are surrounding there. That I
believe and it will be the beginning of the story.