Tunnel of Love, 2016

MEDIUM Up-cycled string and bells
DIMENSIONS 500x1000cm


It feels natural for me to approach working on this extraordinary site with an installation that brings attention to and celebrates the integral, protective role that the canopy plays within the rainforest.My large knitted and woven piece forms a tunnel for the audience to walk through, in a spot where there is some relief from the canopy above, where light penetrates through to the forest floor.

Much like the leaves of the canopy, the nature of the loosely woven materials lets through light and creates shadows and movement on the walkway, inciting people to look up.

By incorporating tiny bells throughout the weave, I further encourage the audience to observe the canopy as this mimics the common experience of hearing birds and animals before spotting them. You hear the sound before you start listening, but really listen and then see. This creates an intimacy with the forest, encouraging a deeper, more mindful experience and engagement of the senses.

It feels like an obvious reiteration of sorts, reimagining the canopy, the rainforest protector into one that the audience can interact with, which emphasises its importance to the life below.