Meeting Place, 2014

MEDIUM ceramic, large gum sticks and fishing line
DIMENSIONS 200 x 200 x 300cm

The boundary between land and water constantly shifts with the tides. Coastal organisms make special adaptations, trying to survive the desiccating effects of the sun and air.

Meeting Place is a response to the changes within our natural environment, whilst reconnecting our senses with its beauty. Environmentalism is becoming the essential art of our time.
These mountains were built by rivers, some 300 million years ago. The landscape was flooded by a shallow sea. Marine sediments were laid down. Weather and gravity can take credit for this most ancient of landscapes.

Whittled gum sticks look strangely beautiful, embedded in the earth as a totemic installation. Coral-like ceramics are anchored to their forms. These ghostly white arrangements with their watery hues echo the marine past. Meeting Place endeavours to find the spatial and temporal liminality, in creating its own sacred space.