Jody Graham

Someone Else’s Life, 2019

Discarded signs, panels, corrugated metal, found building material and miscellaneous belongings
Dimensions variable

Jody Graham | Someone Else's Life

Image: Keith Maxwell

Often hidden from public view, homeless people are extremely vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, isolation, assault, illness and reduced access to health care and other social services. Homelessness affects millions worldwide and over 100,000 people in Australia, many throughout the Blue Mountains. Homelessness is a real housing crisis facing many.

Someone Else’s Life offers a glimpse into a person’s world who does not have access to things generally regarded as necessary for basic human wellbeing. Many regard it as a human right to have access to electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Original inspiration for this work came from a trip Graham took to Cape Town, South Africa. During this trip the artist visited the Lunga township and was moved by the sense of community and the valuable status of discarded matter. Dwellings were completely made out of found materials. Sharing of food, time and material was abundant and necessary for survival. There was ample evidence of people who were economically poor but not impoverished in spirit.

This bush lair is constructed out of found material and fashioned
in a loving way to reveal the occupant’s desire to create some stability from the very basics. Some try desperately hard to make do with what they have. Others spend frivolously.

Someone Else’s Life challenges our individual and collective
desires for new and more, changing our role from being a voyeur into an exponent of our consumption and the needs of others. attractive, interesting or even profitable.