Project Largo, 2016

MEDIUM Ceramics


Between countless births and deaths, people undergo thousands of little ‘ends’ in their life. Some ‘ends’ function as ‘termination’, but some are not proper ‘ends’. Between these continued ‘ends’, I prepared a funeral of my past to be unburdened of miserable memories.

My past is represented by thirty one ceramic vessels; which lie at Scenic World with my hemp mourning. When the life’s lament resonates largo, my ceremony is sorrowful but decisive. My past is ready to go back to Mother Nature.

This ceremony can be a mutual healing process between the artist and the audience, especially to those who have inner mind conflicts, emanating from the past. This ceremony may bring us to the real presence, where we should have been earlier.

Largo by Jihye Min
The path I’ve been walking along,
The edge of it,
My story’s extending largo.
As time goes by
My crawling present’s pushed away,
I’m facing a blank page but never looking back.
Denial of massive memories,
Infinite past’s piled cruelly.
In the empty vessels of my history,
Tears and blood are dripping silently.
Wipe them up, wipe them gently,
As nothing happened before.
Whatever how much miserable
The traces they left.