Impossible Shadow #14, 2019

Aluminium pipe and galvanised fittings
300 x 310 x 110cm

Jennifer Cochrane | Impossible Shadow #14

Image: Keith Maxwell

This work is part of an ongoing exploration into shadows, particularly shadows of sculptural works I have created in the past. I have taken the shadow from one of the cube forms I exhibited at Scenic World in 2017. This shadow was then cast onto steps and reproduced in steel.

The large scale work for the 2019 exhibition is an interpretation of this shadow. Made of aluminium pipe and pipe fittings the work is constructed on site to create the final form. Impossible Shadow #14 is a reflection of my interest in the contrast between the hard edge, urban form within the natural landscape of the rainforest.

This work will change dramatically according to the viewer’s point of view.

2019 Highly Commended