The Corporate Snake, 2019

About 25,000 fluorescent T5 light tubes
Dimensions variable

Jan Cleveringa | The Corporate Snake

Image: Keith Maxwell

The Corporate Snake is an artwork that addresses a danger about company incorporation; where an entity is devoid-constitutionally from societal ‘needs and wants’ and has no obligation to be community mindful. For example, here are 25,000 working fluorescent light tubes, discarded as waste, worth $187,500.00 that could have been redistributed to the wider community.

Cleveringa is looking closely at ideas of ‘sustainability’ and business culture at the micro birthing level of new companies- the Corporation’s Act. Corporation law ensures that companies look after shareholders’ interests by maximising profit. However, companies can be influenced by societal pressures from community culture, interest groups and other separate laws.

The artist proposes, “What if each company, (at a predetermined level of global success) had to return 3% of profit or an ‘in kind’ donation back to the community.” If this percentage was written into the Corporations Act and was therefore legally binding, companies would have to consider sustainabilty and ethical responsibility as part of their culture and practice.

2019 Environmental Award Winner