Rockpoles, 2016

MEDIUM Galvanised steel


Rockpoles explores boundaries and the spaces between things. These shapes decide their own identity, they become what they want to be, existing between:

  • the small and the large
  • simplicity and intricacy
  • bright hardness and shadowy softness
  • regularity and incohesion

The poles are individually pre-formed, but metaphorically and symbiotically joined. Thus, they relate to each other as curvilinear surfaces, as individual entities, and as parts of the overgrown rock outcrop that thrusts up from the forest floor. The interplay of the spaces and hollows between the components is as important as the individual parts themselves. Tension results from the desire to integrate these spaces and to explore how they respond to each other; the underlying rock and rainforest growth and the piece as a whole.

Rockpoles is inspired by observation of pattern and form in the natural world. The poles embody movement and anticipation, and give a sense of something unnatural growing, unfolding. Embedded in the cracks and crevices of the rainforest rock, each pole interacts uniquely with the soft, natural environment of the rainforest.