Intervention Invading Network – net no. 45, 2015

MEDIUM styrofoam and stocking

This series of installations is based on recycling by using and connecting old tights with holes and ladders in them. Every installation is a new site-specific textile network and reflects our modern development of globalization, the World Wide Web which is connecting the entire globe and allows us to cross borders without a visa. The beginning of this very quick development is based on the invention of electric telegraphy. Having a general view on the whole development of the history of mankind, it’s a very short period. If nowadays somebody buys a computer, it’s already obsolete once paid at the cash desk, because of the breathless process of technological development. This “carousel” of technology is spinning faster, continuously and as a result we have a lot of pollution and contamination by these high production rates. It’s “the other side of the medal”, contamination and rubbish, like the internet, don’t have borders in times of globalization. This fact makes me think about the textile sector, where the fashion industry is dictating the consumer of the seasonal mainstream collections. Multinational “fast fashion collections” very often are fabricated in so called “sweatshops” under miserable conditions for the workers and a “modern-slavery-salary”, which almost isn’t enough to cover survival costs.