Extreme Rodeo, 2015

MEDIUM steel armature and recycled signage
DIMENSIONS 310 x 80 x 163cm

Extreme Rodeo is part of a larger body of work, that follows the adventures of two mice (Lenny and George). This duo of derring-do dare devils aim to shred the boundaries of avant-garde extreme sports. In 2013 they went to Bondi with another performance work titled Extreme Surfing. Where Lenny rode the monsterous water spout of a hand-standing elephant. (This work is on permanent display at Westmead Childrens Hospital). Extreme Rodeo aims to engage the viewer aesthetically with colour and scale, long enough to discover humour, whimsy and joy.


In a world of sound bite and grabs!
Where bad news rates!
There is a polemic magic world,
Where two hard core rodents continue
to push back.

Bloated with joie de vivre
and adrenalin, Lenny and George
appropriate nursery rhyme,
clearing the moon
bareback, while screeming
Ide diddle diddle dude!