Honi Ryan & Abi Tariq

Photos Not Taken (Here), 2018

Dimensions variable

  • Highly Commended – 2018 Exhibition
Honi Ryan & Abi Tariq

Image: Keith Maxwell

Photos Not Taken (Here) are immaterial sculptures engaging with the cognitive mind in response to the environment.

Text pieces placed periodically along the walkway re-frame the rainforest as a ready-made sculpture through language. Objects are inserted into the landscape as descriptions inviting readers to visualise forms. Suggestions are made for ways to move differently through sections of the path and to create moments that cannot be captured by a camera. Each text was written in-situ, and in response to observing the environment and traffic along the board walk.

Dematerialising our art practice is an ecological position. As there is already enough ‘stuff’ in the world, it is relevant to make art through a simple shift in perception by looking at and interacting with the world in its existing form.
Here, in the world heritage national park, we rely on the abundance of inspiring material. Here, we sculpt the lived cerebral experience, not objects.