reciprocity, 2015

MEDIUM timber, vinyl and rubber
DIMENSIONS 200 x 350 x 350cm

A living forest is a network of connections and nodes: a structure that silently but powerfully ensures that the forest can continue to thrive. It is a system based on reciprocity.
reciprocity suspends in space a 7 x 7 grid of white-washed sticks. Interspersed within this stick grid and essential to its existence, is a grid of straps brought together within a tensioned grid of steel cables.

This suspended, multilayer grid is a reflection on both the strength and fragility of interconnected systems: if one connection is broken the whole starts to collapse – like the forest, it is dependent on a ‘complete’ system to operate.

The use of materials that span natural and manufactured reflects on the current relationship we humans have with the planet on which we live. All too often modern human society is ignoring and breaking systems which have kept the planet functioning for eons.

We are placed at a time in history where the future of our amazing planet and all its inhabitants is under threat if we do not work to restore human-nature reciprocity.