Corridor.of.tents, 2016

Reclaimed tent material, upholstery cotton and cable ties
2500 x 180 x 120cm

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After a weekend of music, many weary festival goers leave huge amounts of camping gear behind. Aiming for a hasty retreat, amongst broken chairs and collapsed gazebos, almost-new tents are left behind. Destined for the rubbish, this colourful outdoor material has been collected and re-stitched together. Cut down to size and sewn back together into a geometric patchwork, this resource of material has not been wasted but pieced together into a collage of colour, guiding pedestrians through their forest walk.

Corridor.of.tents is a kinetic installation, scattered with traces of its former use. Tent windows, air vents and camping logos are neatly embedded in the fabric surface and only reveal themselves to the curious eye of the passing onlooker.

An array of 500 triangles, cut from discarded festival tents, are resewn together into a lattice work of shard-like luminescent pyramids. Spanning a 25-metre passage, this 3-dimensional patchwork hangs down like a canopy of vibrant stalactites, sharp in appearance but soft to the touch.  Whether Corridor.of.tents is dripping from the trees above in the still forest air or wafting into a dynamic wave with the passing breeze, the Scenic World boardwalk will be illuminated into a kaleidoscope of colour.