Decomposer,  2014

MEDIUM: PET-polyetylene terephthalate (plastic bottles)

This installation is made from plastic bottles (polyethylene terephthalate). Using plastic bottles, as a material, represents the current consumptive habits of Indonesians.
Ironically, with all the resources we have in Indonesia, we can still be a more productive nation. The plastic bottles are gathered from trash bins around campus. Over 10,000 plastic bottles were used to create this installation. This number indicates that the consumption of this product has increased in Indonesia, and shows that Indonesians have treated plastic bottles in the wrong way.

Indonesia has a tradition of wrapping food in natural materials like banana leaves and lontar leaves. This shows that Indonesians are close to nature and able to use natural materials in a good way, relying on a decomposing process that is eco-friendly.

With a lot of Indonesians now using plastic bottles, the disposal of rubbish becomes harder and this creates a negative impact on the environment. With the changing of materials, we have to be aware that we cannot treat plastic bottles in the same way as leaves.

In this project, we positioned ourselves as a natural decomposer. In this case, we decompose plastic bottles and turn them into an installation.