Banner for Scenic World, 2015

MEDIUM vinyl
DIMENSIONS 195 x 2240cm

Banner for Scenic World 2015 presents a large banner, affixed between two massive gum trees. This banner, when viewed against the dense rainforest of the natural landscape become spatial paintings.

This banner is the latest in a series of works commenced in 2012, that use striped, IKEA fabric patterns as a form of expanded painting, exploring size and scale in architectural space. This body of work presents the striped motif in different formats and uses different materials to create large-scale installations that respond to architectural spaces or the landscape.

Some of the works have been site-specific and temporary or ephemeral, such as a to b (wall work for ArticulateUpstairs) 2013 and elisabet (site specific painting at Queen St Studios/Frasers) 2012. Others have been presented as sculptural works, such as fence fragment (hypothetical fence installation) 2014, a to b picket (sculpture for Sawmillers) 2014 and a to b (Sculpture by the Sea), 2013. As a group the work aims to explore the visual flatness of painting in a spatial situation.