Invasive Germination, 2015

MEDIUM: Plaster, weed roots, acrylic paint, gloss enamel and spray paint

Seeds are a rich symbol for the process of living and dying in the cycle of life. They represent growth and transformation, cycles and time. Life begins with seeds and once the right conditions are met they will grow. From seeds grow roots and a plant that germinates.

Invasive Germination investigates native Australian plant species that are at risk of extinction due to an invasive weed problem. My work consists of a large number of seeds in the first stages of germination. The work involves the use of weed roots, which I removed from bushland around my home in the Blue Mountains.

The use of inverted roots in my work symbolises the wrongness of their existence in our native landscape. Throughout Australia, weeds are spreading faster than they can be controlled and management of them is consuming an enormous amount of resources. Weeds typically produce large numbers of seeds, that assist in their spread. They are often excellent at surviving and reproducing in disturbed environments and are commonly the first species to colonise and dominate in these conditions. The large number of white germinating seeds are symbolic of the spread of weeds but may also be considered as a metaphor for colonisation.