Anthropocentric Rhizome, 2016

Hebel, aerosol paint, string and roots
Dimensions variable 

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Anthropocentric Rhizome looks at synergies between the spread of humanity and spread of weeds. Like root rhizomes humans can be broken in individual and collective locations, but we will merely forge new roots and connections that will emerge elsewhere as we invasively spread and slowly eclipse ecosystems in pursuit of progress.

The work addresses how humans like invasive plant rhizomes are capable of operating by means of ‘multiplicity, variation and expansion’. Rhizome and human multiplicity is causing the degradation of the planet. The work was inspired by a tension between manmade and plant associated with my concerns of erasure of natural habitats in order to make room for urban environments. Inhabited by a series of different invasive weed species, the manmade concrete blocks connect the rhizome roots as one invasive system whilst allowing consideration on humanities many shared pervasive qualities with invasive plant species. Each has the  ability to take over ecosystems and rapidly spread out of control.

Whilst the work is reflective of natures ability to conquer, this spreading invasive root sculpture may also be interpreted as a ‘multiplicity’ symbolic of our own adaptive invasiveness. We try to control the invasiveness of other species in order to benefit ourselves but paradoxically cannot control our own.