Refracted Self, 2016



The protagonist.
Fractured into two,
Psychologically allowing,
The self to view the self,
To reflect.
A personal mirror.
A quiet moment of drama.
Underneath a quiet membrane.
A feeling larger than life.
The protagonist.
Fragmenting into pieces,
Witnessing the self falling,
To catch,
To capture,
The self.

Refracted Self expresses the seemingly subtle, but often dramatically felt exploration of embodied identity. Represented by two figures this installation shows a paused moment in the process of an intricate and also tedious journey of self-reflection. A personal depiction of a universal notion.

The installation is comprised of two figures created from recycled timber pieces and screws. Their scale is approximately double life size (of a standard person). This scale will have a dramatic effect in the landscape while also reinforcing the concept of an inner experience feeling larger than ones physical possibility. The figures are to be suspended in the rainforest, preferably in a section of the path where the boardwalk curves around the site at almost 360 degrees. The figures are shown almost touching and their forms are shown broken into fragmented pieces. Colours used will be white, gold and black on a natural timber tonal range.