Elizabeth West

Cascade, 2019

Salvaged low-density polyethylene 
Dimensions variable

Elizabeth West | Cascade

Image: Keith Maxwell

The plastic is still; there in the environment. 

A cascade sparkles in the light filtered through the canopy of trees. Something is strange, encouraging a second look; what should be flowing is static.  A sense of illusion plays on the imagination, inviting a closer look. 

Cascade is a comment on the flow of plastics into our waterways worldwide. Salvaged plastics are used to represent a natural water formation; presenting the paradox of appearing organic while being out of place. 

The experience of this work is also an invitation to witness the beauty of this material. Plastic has its origins in ancient natural materials and has been developed by human interaction with these resources.

Navigating our relationship to plastic requires a constant flow of attention and choices; seeking pathways for change. Cascade is a symbol of this process and also offers another dimension, paused in stillness. Take a moment of time to consider the aesthetics of plastic and ponder a different perspective; plastic is not the problem, it’s our relationship to this material that must evolve. As this evolution gains momentum the impacts of change will cascade into our lives and the total environment.