Green Screen, 2017

Wool thread
Dimensions variable

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Green Screen is a site-specific installation, a dialogue between built forms and organic elements – a conversation of sculpture and nature. The work takes its shape from the surrounding trees and creates spaces, sculptural forms that play with the environment. The wall-like elements built out of thread function as silver screens – the nature reflects its movements, shapes, light and shadows onto it. It collects and represents information in several ways and makes us more aware of the nature around us. The fine thread even catches small falling/flying organic elements of nature – leaves, small sticks, feathers etc – bringing them to our attention. The screen serves as a simple laboratory – a canvas that collects visual information while emphasizing the specific forms and volumes of natural elements. Even insects can land on it and can be observed. The installation lives with and adapts to the conditions of nature. The sense of material varies from angle to angle and from the effect of the light. Sometimes there seems to be solid walls, and at moments the shapes become light and transparent elements.