Sacred Vines, 2015

MEDIUM recycled banners

For a rainforest environment the most precious resource is rain. Water vines have specifically evolved to perform the crucial task of transporting moisture from the forest floor to the leaves at the tips of trees. In a rainforest every drop of water is used, nothing is wasted. All species, other than our own, conserve resources and are focused on what is required for survival. We are the ecological misfits, complicit in unsustainable cycles, educated to believe in economic growth which means we can only be well off, or considered to be advanced, if we produce, throwaway and produce again. In a consumer society, based on materialism, objects ares often superfluous to survival although we are coerced by advertising to believe things are necessary.

To highlight this absurdity I have created an installation of functionless water vines from society’s waste; doonas, sheets, clothing and banners.