David Jensz

Ripple, 2017

Recycled corrugated iron
650 x 320 x 70cm

David Jensz
  • Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exhibiting Opportunity
  • Highly Commended – 2018 Exhibition
David Jensz

Image: Keith Maxwell

The view from Scenic World’s observation deck is breathtaking. The geological time frame represented in the sandstone cliffs predates civilization and extends beyond our everyday experience. The grandeur of the environment can unite us through a sense of perspective: the immensity of space/time reminds us of the small but integral part we play in the world and the interconnections that link us to our time and reality.

The scale of the universe and the limitations of trying to fully comprehend it is one of the primary motivating factors behind my practice. Cosmologists tell us that our Solar System is one of millions in our Galaxy and that our Galaxy is one of billions in the Universe.  As large as the visible universe is, apparently we can only see 5% of what is out there. The other 95% is, so called, Dark Energy or Dark Matter.

Ripple is made from torn strips of recycled corrugated iron re-configured to create a horizontal fragment punctuated by a series of conical depressions that could represent anomalies in the fabric of space/time.