Danni Bryant

Rogue Anomaly: Forest Edition, 2019

Porcelain, jewellery wire, stainless steel mariners wire, crimps, glass beads
Dimensions variable

Danni Bryant | Rogue Anomaly: Forest Edition

Image: Keith Maxwell

We usually think of ‘rogue’ to mean some sort of unpleasant or dangerous behavior, ‘anomaly’ as something unusual, existing against odds and maybe not meant to be there. But how do we know if that is always the truth? In this instance, the words rogue and anomaly mean something different.

Something sprouts forth; it winds, creeps and creates a path into the world with mysterious ways for reasons that we cannot completely comprehend. Is it a creature or an animal of some kind? Is it plant matter, a type of fungi perhaps? Where did it really come from and what is it doing here?

I’m hinting at things we could call animistic, another type of intelligence that perhaps has wisdom to share if we can be still enough to listen. Rogue Anomaly is something other than what we usually recognise and understand, yet it seems familiar. It pulsates slowly but steadily with aliveness as it reaches, roams and grows outwards from where it has sprung, filled with the memory and secrets from its birth place.